Not just another cork wallet!

383-card wallet


It looks just like every other wallet for cards we make. And It is…

But his owner had another idea when he order it. He liked our work, the wonderful cork, and the concept of the minimalist wallet, but he didn’t had the need for a card wallet. He wanted the same wallet to take his automobile documents using a slim wallet that can fit in every pocket.

So we’ve tested our slightly bigger card wallet (for 12+ cards) and the size was ideal for this new job.

We’re happy to have found another use to this design.

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Are you visiting from…

By now we are used to the internet, and we know that it’s “everywhere”. But have we really get the meaning of that?

When we make a new item, and blog (facebook, twitter….)about it is normal to think that every one can see and appreciate (or not) what we did, but is extremely good to see, that some one from the other side of the world can see your item as easily as you… and that’s great.

Ok!!! all this is normal nowadays, but never the less, is still wonderful, and gives us more energy to create more, and more….

Thank you for every visit!!!

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