We at misp believe that the value of an object is greater than the sum of its parts or the amount it costs.

The real value of something can only be given by its owner, based on the experiences and stories developed with that same object.

With the rhythm that we live our lives nowadays, we barely notice the passage of time, and we are used to own a great deal of things, and never expecting them to last.

Buy and then throw them away…

Quality has been replaced by cheap disposables.

For us quality is the most important goal to achieve.

Our products aim to be the best they can be, and for a long, long time.

In order to achieve high quality items we only use manual processes. Every item is handmade and hand stitched. This way we have a greater control over the finished product.

Regarding to materials, we use high quality leather and cork fabric.

We love leather, but we also wanted to use cork. Its a Portuguese material, with excellent characteristics, and durability. Ideal to work together with leather, with very interesting results.

Our work aims to provide the best products, made with a great attention to detail, and a will to achieve a flawless item.

We strive to make quality and durable products that can be a part of someone’s life for a long time.

Some objects are important to us, not just by their function but by the value we give them, possible only because they are part of our daily lives, and we love them.