Our story

Our store is relatively new, but how we got here… Well that’s a different story.

I can say that it all started with my grandfather. He was a very skilled craftsman who worked with leather, mostly as a shoemaker.
We are all from the Alentejo, a Portuguese interior region. Both my grandparents and my mother come from a small village.

Several decades ago, the most usual work was in agriculture, but they could also learn a different profession. They started by leaning from the master artisan all the skills needed for the job.

My grandfather made that path. He became a master artisan.
My grandparents’ house was a real school of craftsmanship, where students would come to learn “the trade”.
My mother was born and lived surrounded by artisans.
Since an early age, my mother started to learn different skills, making all kinds of shoes and clothes (for her dolls), embroidery, knitting, crochet, which she learned from my grandmother.
She would have liked to follow her father’s footsteps, but social conventions, and the will from her parents, for her to achieve a better profession, made her follow the kindergarten career.
Fortunately, that job has the need for allot of creativity and crafts. She never stopped creating everything imaginable.
The love of crafts has been, as long as I can remember, a part of my family, and I speak for myself as well. I always “made things”, but for me, it all starts with the design. The project…
I’ve been working for the past ten years in I.T., but my real passion is Architecture. I’m glad to say that my studies are almost finished.
Due to the world crisis, I’ve been made redundant, and started do think what I really wanted to achieve in life.
My mother retired from her profession very young, and wanted to achieve new goals.
So I’ve started developing a plan that would put all our skills to work, and that would grant us the fulfillment of being part of the creative business.
We’ve decided to work with leather, it was the obvious choice for us, but we wanted to use cork as well. Cork fabric comes from our region in Portugal, and we feel that this wonderful material should be presented to the world, so we are doing our part in that mission…
Well that’s the story of “misp” (by the way, that’s an acronym of my mother’s name – Maria Inez da Silva Prates). We are loving the process, myself as the designer, (and all the other things I do), and my mother as the skillful artisan that makes our work come to life. In some way we feel that we’re on the right track. One thing is true, it has so far been a great journey, I can’t wait to see what the future will bring…

Thank you,

Raul Carvalho