New chapter in our story

We’re starting a new chapter in our short business history.

For the past two years we’ve explored different types of articles related to leather, cork, mainly bags and wallets.

But has the time passed, we started to realize that making this articles gave us real pleasure. The process is great, developing the idea, making every strep required to achieve a well made item. Never the less, something was missing.

We came to realize, that what we really like is to create and teach, pass our knowledge to others.

My mother, one of our founding members (the one that gives the name misp – Maria Inês Silva Prates) was a kindergarten teacher for more than 35 years, in that time she made uncountable projects, from sewing, to works with every kind of materials. Not just for teaching, but for enhancement of every class room that she use. As a result, a great knowledge was obtained with hard work and creativity.

So we want to tell you that we are going to start the process of passing our ideas in a series of step-by-step tutorials.

This tutorials will have a great number of photographs capturing every step, and some written parts to explain the steps as needed. If we use patterns, they will also be included in a file that can be printed.

We will not be restricted to just one kind of products. Every thing that we find interesting and can make a tutorial about it, we’ll do it.

The first one will be a cork and fur fabric clutch, hand stitched with waxed thread. And it will be FREE!!!!

Real soon we’ll have more information. Here at ours and yours Workshop.

Thank you all

misp Workshop


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