For those that want to know the process of transformation involved in leather here’s a wikipedia article that explains in great detail all the phases, forms and types.

I think that is important to know the origin of the materials we work with, and the process of transformation involved.

I’m always asking my supplier all kinds of questions regarding the types of leathers as well as its origins and fabrications processes.

I’ve been told that all materials have European origin, and part of the process is made in Portugal (the final stages).

Why is this important?

All industrial processes are regulated in the European Union, and the same goes for the way the animals are treated, the use of water and prevention of contamination.

For us is  important to know that the quality product we use in our creations is produced in a responsible and sustainable way.

Leather has fabulous characteristics. For me, one of the most important is durability.

Leather preforms well, and ages beautifully.

I think that every one of us has a story with a old leather item that lasted for decades most of the times in daily use.

For me, that’s the meaning of sustainability.

Raul Carvalho


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