Why a tree in a leather workshop?!

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That is a question that sometimes someone asks me…

What does a tree have in common with a leather wallet?

Well the first part of the answer is that we also use cork fabric as a main material, and this silhouette is taken from a cork oak (“sobreiro” in Portuguese), the tree that provide us with the wonderful and versatile material that cork is.

And that could be the final answer, but is the less important part.

We love cork, and the cork oak but we don’t define our products only by one material we use.

We are a family business, and we were born and lived in Alentejo, Évora.

mapa portugal


Some parts of this region look like this…



And there we have some cork oaks. One of the trees common in this part of the country. This is  one of the few regions in the world where this tree can be found.

This is why we have a tree in the “misp” logo.  It represents our family origins, and one of the best, sustainable and a bit rare product that Portugal produces and exports to the world. And not just to make wine corks…


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