Yes!.. misp

misp is a brand of handmade bags and accessories from Portugal.

Our main focus is in quality and attention to detail. We use two main materials, the well known leather, and the “new comer” cork fabric, produced in Portugal now in the form of a fabric with very appealing characteristics.

We don’t restrict our products to those two material, never the less, quality is very important to us, and we pay a lot of attention on selecting every thing used in the fabrication process.

Every item is handmade and hand stitched in order to achieve a high quality and durable product. Durability is one of the most important golds. If 20 years + you told us that your wallet still exists and preform well, we would be very happy.

Our products aren’t bound to a specific style, maybe they tend to be minimalist, but every case is separate, and if it looks good and works, great!, we’ll wait for you to tell us if we got it right…

We are prone to test new things, not just with materials, but combining fabrication processes that normally don’t get used together, like using crochet stitches in our wallets.

I hope you find what we do interesting, and give us a visit once in a wile. We have new things every week!

Our store mispbag.etsy.com

Tell us what you think, your opinion is important to us.




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